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Deviations from Disciplinary Codes

The Labour Court recently had the opportunity to determine whether a deviation from an employers’ disciplinary code renders the subsequent disciplinary proceedings unfair. In Broadcasting, Electronic, Media & Allied Workers Union and others vs South African... read more

Retrenchment based on Poor Performance

But what if an employer wants to retrench the poor performers and keep the star performers. Would the inclusion of performance appraisals be fair in the circumstances when selecting employees for retrenchment? The courts recently had the opportunity to revisit the... read more


But what do you do when your employee productivity is eroded by computer games. I am not talking about the larger games which requires special computer systems and could take days to go through a single stage, I am talking about the easy to come by, smaller games such... read more


Employment Equity Plans and their validity came strongly into focus this past week with the Constitutional Court Judgement of Solidarity and Others v Department of Correctional Services Case Number 78/15 which was handed down on Friday 15 July 2016. The Appeal to the... read more

Imprisoned Employees

One of the first questions a personnel agency or prospective employers asks is: “Do you have a criminal record and do you object to a criminal check?”. In general, employment is dependant on not having a criminal record. However, what happens when an employee commits... read more