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Labour Law FeatureBut what do you do when your employee productivity is eroded by computer games. I am not talking about the larger games which requires special computer systems and could take days to go through a single stage, I am talking about the easy to come by, smaller games such as Farmville and the recently popular Pokémon GO. Employees may well spend hours walking around looking for Pokémon or may spend hours growing crops in Farmville.

An Employer is entitled to demand that time spent at the office is time spent productively in the furtherance of the business of the company. The best way to address this situation is to make it abundantly clear to employees that game playing at work would not be tolerated and to ensure that this is monitored. Further ways is to ensure that your company IT policy is in place to ensure that these games are not accessed on the company internet or company provided devices.

Employees refusing to keep their game playing outside of working hours may end up facing disciplinary hearings for misconduct in this regard.

Speak to us to ensure that your policies are up to scratch in this instance and regard.